Ever in God's Hand

Ever in God's Hand

“You’re in good hands.” Can you hear the actor’s deep voice from the commercials? Insurance products protect houses, apartments, wedding rings, boats, pets, health, and even gaps in insurance coverage. Insurance can be useful in the modern age. However, the more we safeguard possessions and the things of this life, are we tempted to believe we are in control? Fear of loss can easily direct daily thoughts back to the treasures threatened by moths, rust, and thieves.


Our school theme this year is Ever in God’s Hand. The theme acknowledges I am not in control of everything happening in the world, and that’s okay. “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand” -Isaiah 41:10. God reminds us fear has no place in our hearts, even when His promises seem far off. Challenges and trials can be embraced, knowing God has everything in His almighty hand.


God, who created the world, says, "I am your God". The Savior, whose hands were pierced for you, is with you to the end of the age. The Spirit works in you to shape your hands into instruments of love and blessing for others. Bible stories retell the faithful love of our God, who has promised to work all things for our good. Do not fear, do not be dismayed.


During your life, there will be a time when home insurance may not restore all that was destroyed by flood waters. The replacement wedding ring may not carry the same sentimental value as the original. Ultimately, health insurance can treat the disease but may not stop its deadly course. In these big moments of life and in the small details of today, remember that you are in God’s hand, and in you, he takes great delight.


For my life He bled and died, Christ will hold me fast;

Justice has been satisfied; He will hold me fast.

Raised with Him to endless life, He will hold me fast

‘Till our faith is turned to sight When He comes at last! (CW 813 He Will Hold Me Fast)


-Principal Peck